Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CR-Z sales not looking to good

CRZ sales have been selling rather badly since may last year when 1557 units sold that month.

Here is how the numbers look:

June 966 units sold

July 878 units sold

August 745 units sold

September 537 units sold

October 289 units sold

December 500 units sold

January 363 units sold

The Insight is in the same boat, with just 492 units sold in october.

I wonder how long Honda will keep selling these two cars or what changes they may make to them.

Personally I would like to see a k20 dropped into the CR-Z. It's the Honda Civic SI motor (K20).


Now for the pictures:


Infamous Honda Insight tuned by Bisimoto
( pictured on the left )


  1. lol i don't know what to think about that car... either i like it or not... but i think i would drive it :P

  2. any reasons why they aren't selling well? o.o they don't look bad....but i could care less about looks really. :/ i would be happy with anything to drive. even so...still lack a license with no way to practice when i am at school 9 hours from home and when i am home my mom is always working and we can't even afford gas besides her trips to work >.<

  3. I'm not a big fan of Crossovers myself so i would purchase many other cars over this one, but i hope sales pick up for it nonetheless

  4. looks cool but not something I would drive

  5. Not bad for a hatchback style car, shame the sales aren't doing well.

  6. I think it looks great but I wouldn't buy it. I like station wagons or little vans better.

  7. is this only in the US or worldwide?
    crz has what it takes to be a good selling car